Relaxation Procedures

  • Breathing In Through The Mouth, Through The Nose, Saying The Work Relax
  • SayRe: On The Inhale Of Breath And Lax On The Exhale Of Breath
  • Go Through Island Scene, As In A Movie, Using All Senses: Taste, Smell, Vision, Hearing and Touch
  • Sea Gull Lifting Off The Water-Having To Strain To See Bird
  • Start The Countdown Procedure … 10 To 1, Very Slowly Falling Backwards Into the Grass
  • Shifting Focus To Right Foot.. .Inhale Breath, Bringing Feelings Of Relaxation In … Exhale, Feeling Tension Being Pushed Out
  • Proceed From The Right Foot Up To The Right Leg, Then Over To The Left Foot and up To The Left Leg. Hips, Pelvis, Chest, Back, Right Arm, Right Hand And Up, Right Arm, Left Hand And Up Left Arm. Proceed With Focusing Body Parts From Foot To Head From Right To Left …